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Mahendra Ratna campus (MRC), Nepal’s leading teacher education institution is one of the widely recognized and established constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University (TU). MRC has earned its name and fame not only at present context but also in the history of education in Nepal due to its academic excellence and professional dedication. MRC was originally established in 1956 as College of Education at Basantapr in Kathmandu. As a pioneer institute for teacher education in Nepal, MRC has been dedicated to teaching, training and mentoring the students of education right from its establishment.

Mahendra Ratna Campus has a glorious history which goes back to 1956 when the government ran Normal Educational Training which was handed over to this campus. In 1972, the campus came under TU as a constituent campus and since then it had been running pre-service teacher education programs of all levels of education i.e. Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL), Bachelor’s Level and Master’s Level. The PCL has now been phased-out as a part of the TU policy and now it runs teacher education programs of Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

The courses at MRC primarily emphasize teacher education, teacher professional development, and educational research. By launching specialized courses in the pertinent areas of teacher education, MRC has employed the focused attention in developing innovative and capable teachers with highest understanding of moral values. MRC has recently extended its educational programs in the subjects like B. Ed. in ICTE (in semester system), M. Ed. in all subjects (semester system), including M. Ed. in Health Education and Economics Education, and so on. It has been an extended family of almost 5,000 students, their guardians, more than 200 teachers (i.e. Prof., Associate Prof., Lecturers, Contract and part-time teachers), more than 50 office bearers, and many more advisors and well wishers. The successful team of updated teachers, staff and other employees have led the institution so as to compete perfectly in the globalized market of the present day world.

MRC possesses an apparent vision of becoming a centre for academic and professional excellence that shapes entire educational practices of the entire nation with innovative ideas and insights. The outcomes of the institution will be ethically, professionally and academically excellent not only from the national but also from the international perspectives. Thus, our mission will be clearly to inspire the youths for dreaming a new innovative educational practice in Nepal, and for making the dreams true. MRC has also a mission to develop in students the technical expertise, educational administration abilities, teacher professional sensitivity, and many more.

In order to translate the vision and mission into the practice, MRC has conducted many different programs and attained progress in various aspects such as educational and physical development.

Vision is the future picture of the organization that its stakeholders would like to see in the long term. Campus Restructuring Plan 2070 states that the vision of Mahendra Ratna Campus is; 

A Leading National Quality Teacher Education Institution in the Country for All Levels of Education
The mission of the organization presents the justification of the existence of the organization and explains briefly the fundamental purpose of the organization. The missions of MahendraRatna Campus are to: 
  • Offer quality teacher education programs for both public and private education sector with the updated technology and innovations
  • Offer teachers of all levels a forum for professional development through research, professional networking, support and collaboration.
(Source: Campus Restructuring Plan 2070)
The goals specify how the organization will accomplish the missions that it has set. Mahendra Ratna Campus has set the following goals in order to accomplish the missions that it has set: 
  • To provide quality pre-service and in-service teacher education programs as required for the country’s educational needs. 
  • To produce teachers and teacher educators for the national, regional and global teacher education market.
  • To produce educational leaders who can effectively manage the educational institutions of all levels of institutions in the country.
  • To nurture the indigenous tradition of teacher education in line with the student cantered teaching in the country. 
  • To offer potential teachers a forum for their professional development through research, innovation and publications of their best practices and success stories. 
  • To promote collaboration with the teacher education and other educational institution inside and outside Nepal for mutual learning, sharing and professional networking.
  • To offer inclusive pedagogy in the teacher education system of Nepal through student led activities. 
  • To offer short term teacher training and diploma program based on the needs of the market. 
(Source: Campus Restructuring Plan 2070)
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